A descendant of Corneille

Charlotte Corday was more than just a heroine of Corneille. She was part of the Corneille line through Marie, first child of the author born in 1642, wife then widow of Félix Guennebault du Buat of Bois Le Comte, and married for a second time to Jacques de Farcy by whom she had four daughters.

One of them, Françoise de Farcy, married Adrien de Corday in 1703. Their son, Jacques-Adrien Corday, born in Alençon in 1704 had eight children including one son, Jacques-François-Alexis de Corday (born in 1737), Seigneur d’Armont [Lord Armont] and future father of Marie-Anne-Charlotte Corday. She was christened on 28th July 1768.