...greatly resembling fragments kept in the Museum

Following an incredible combination of circumstances, several isolated fragments, kept until now in the storerooms of the Museum of Ceramics, could be connected to the new acquisition. The Museum was effectively keeping an incomplete square base, the body of a vase with the same decoration, a fragmentary bouquet and two faience flames. A second flame vase, similar to the first one except for a few minor details, could then be restored! Although very dirty, the different parts were in good condition. The foot of the vase was, however, damaged and had a triangular lacuna. The lacuna had been filled and the decoration touched up in an illusionist style. A deliberate sign of the restoration is a slight difference in colour. The foot was then joined to the body of the vase. As testified by an old photograph from 1926, this second flame vase, acquired by the Rouen Museum in the early 20th century, was displayed wreathed with a flame. Probably broken during WWII, it had been put into store and forgotten. The Museum today owns two flame vases, two bouquets and two flames.