1930s style

Madeleine Fessard’s art matured in the 1930s. Two important works illustrate this period:
Firstly, La femme au Perroquet [Woman with parrot], a work which was acquired in 1929 by the American collector William Randolph Hearst, to decorate the gardens of Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California.
Secondly, the sculpture La dame à la biche [Lady with hind] in the Musée de Fécamp is also a female nude, with a smooth body and representing a “flapper”. The lady is reclining, thoughtful, and leaning on a hind.
To capture the pose as precisely as possible, the artist used a series of photographs of the model.

Good examples of 1930s style, both these works contain an element of Classicism, expressed by the fullness and simplification of form, but La dame à la biche reveals mannerist tendencies, characterised by the stretched proportions of the reclining body.