The new-born baby

The doll (particularly the head) is flexible, which meant that it could be placed in all kinds of positions to demonstrate various presentations. The palpably rigid parts are the skull (in which the fontanel is present), the spinal column (with the exact number of vertebrae), the thorax, elbows, knees and even heels.
The hands and feet are clearly individualized, as it was important for the midwife to feel the difference between right and left members while delivering the baby.
The head has a shaped nose, stitched ears, hair drawn with ink, and an open mouth (with tongue) into which a finger could be inserted to a depth of 5 cm. This detail was important, as it allowed the midwife to put two fingers into the mouth, to facilitate the passage of the head in case of a breech presentation. The student could therefore practise "Mauriceau’s manoeuvre" on the machine.