A very rare ivory, dated and placed

The ivories from the ivory carving workshops in Dieppe are quite, rather than extremely, rare. The Dieppe Castle Museum has several dozen of them, in a collection of over 1,500 pieces. The rarity and the exceptional nature of this piece come from the signature, the date, and place of production: "Brunel f. 1857 Dieppe". The sculptor clearly wanted to produce a monumental work, worthy of such an inscription.
The artist was not in the habit of signing his works - only a few signed pieces are known. Of the 52 pieces attributed to his workshop and kept in the Dieppe Castle Museum, only two are signed: the large wooden statue of Christ from the calvary inaugurated in 1854 on the western breakwater of the harbour, and an ivory frame for the medals of the Dieppe ivory carvers awarded to their delegation at the Rome Universal Exhibition, known as the "Roman Exhibition" in 1870.