Saint James by Souillard

In the same way that Brunel produced a smaller version of the ‘Lady of the Vow’, Georges Adolphe Souillard (1854-1935) produced a smaller version of the monumental Saint James, sculpted by Dieppe sculptor Eugène Bénet, in 1902, to replace an older sculpture from the 16th century atop a pillar of the great portal of the church of Saint-Jacques de Dieppe, part of which had eroded and of which the head and maybe another detail are held in the Museum.
It is slightly taller (35 cm) than Brunel’s ‘Virgin’ and is mounted on a marble base with a few words dedicated to the parish priest: « MONSIEUR L’ABBÉ RICHER / SES PAROISSIENS et SES AMIS / HOMMAGE de RECONNAISSANCE » ["FATHER RICHER / HIS PARISHIONERS AND FRIENDS / GRATEFUL HOMMAGE"].