The FRAM (Fonds Régional d’Acquisition des Musées) are state-founded regional funds for museum purchases, established in 1982 as part of the decentralisation policy. Such funds were set up in each region to enhance the national collections.
They are financed by the Ministry of Culture and Communication via decentralized departments: the DRAC (regional cultural affairs agencies) and the regional councils. The FRAM can contribute 30-70% of the cost of an acquisition, by way of a subsidy attributed to the territorial community or association that owns the collections, for the acquisition of a work that has been validated by the national, regional or interregional scientific committees. The FRAM are thus appealed to for the acquisition of major works.
In 2004, the FRAM enabled Upper Normandy to acquire nine very different works, notably an oil on canvas by Louis-Jacques Mandé Daguerre entitled Interior of Rosslyn Chapel for the Rouen Museum of Fine Arts, an oboe made by Louis Cornet from the first half of the 18th century for the Museum of Wind Instruments at La Couture Boussey, and a series of original drawings by François Flameng, intended to illustrate the complete works of Victor Hugo, for the Victor Hugo Museum at Villequier.
The FRAM contributed 182 843 € towards the total cost of these nine acquisitions (477 940 €), and the state made a contribution of 50 338 €.