Meetings in Yport

From 1886, Schuffenecker spent many summer holidays in Étretat and Yport where he stayed at the rue des Planches with Dalibert, a ship’s captain. The cliffs he painted on the beaches demonstrate the rapid development of his style: from the fragmented and colourful touches of his 1888 oil paintings, he would soon move on to sinuous and fluid lines in pastels.
In Yport he met Nunès, a cousin of Pissarro, who was mayor of the village and a collector.
He also met Jean-Paul Laurens, the great historical painter who had a villa there and who was critical towards him, as shown in a letter from Gauguin to his old friend:
“You must return from your holidays with a lot of good studies: I am sure that J.-P. Laurens’ criticism will have tantalised you ... do not be surprised if Nunès has some Pissarros - it’s his cousin; at the last exhibition Pissarro, he and I chatted together; so he knows me, but Pissarro is not keen to talk to him favourably about me” (letter from Paul Gauguin to Schuffenecker, October 1887).