A machine from the 1930s

This loom, which weighs around 2 tonnes, was given to the town of Louviers by the textile companies Vandevoorde (Louviers), and Gasse et Canthelou (Elbeuf) on 25th July 1970. It came from the famous Elbeuf company of Blin & Blin.

Given the lack of precise documentation, it has been rather difficult to identify the loom, although when the cast iron architrave was examined in raking light, a few letters could be picked out to give the name of the manufacturer: Vve. Math. Snoeck, Blaise & Gohy, Ensival. A search through the catalogues of this company, based in Ensival-Verviers (Belgium) allowed the loom to be dated to the 1930s - possibly the BF model. It has 7 shuttles which can weave cloth up to 210cm wide.