A Masonic decoration

On the other side, a complex Masonic decoration in an English style includes a beehive (a symbol of work), a dove (a symbol of peace), the Moon, the Sun, and several Masonic symbols including a set-square, compass, mallet, trowel, columns, and a six-pointed star bearing the letter G. Under the Sun, two interlaced hands represent the fraternity linking the Freemasons.

No evidence linking Paul-Alexandre Chancerel to Freemasonry has yet been found in the archives. It seems highly unlikely, however, that acquiring an object with a Masonic decoration was not deliberate. Was it purchased by a captain in a port of call en route to Iceland to offer to the ship-owner? If, in this case, the maritime decoration can be understood, can an object with a Masonic decoration have been purchased by accident? The large size of the jug and its personalized writing make it a valuable item, and we cannot really accept that the decoration was chosen without the purchaser knowing what it represented.
In spite of its explicit decoration and writing, the circumstances surrounding the order of this jug remain a mystery.