A personalized jug

The allegorical maritime decoration is surmonted by a personalized inscription "Alexander Chancerel Fécamp".
Such personalized inscriptions are rare, as they are obviously decorations made to order. Thanks to an ingenious system of transfer printing similar to the "decalcomania" process, however, sailors could chose a piece of pottery and have a name, date or a particuar motif added in a very short space of time, enabling them to place orders while they were in the port of call.

According to the family who donated it, the name is that of Alexandre-Paul Chancerel, (1847-1921), a deep-sea trawler owner in Newfoundland and Iceland, President of the Fécamp Commercial Court from 1893 to 1897, and President of the Union of Owners of Deep-sea Fishing Boats since its foundation in 1892. It is known, however, that Garrison Pottery produced this type of decoration around 1825. It was more likely that the jug was made for his father, Paul-Alexandre (1811-1885). Registered as an "Iron merchant" in 1846, Paul-Alexandre is classed as "Ship-owner" on his death certificate of 1885. He had thus climbed high up the social ladder.