Port of call memory

Brought back by sailors who bought them in England or Jersey, the ceramics commonly known as "Jersey", were, in reality, made in factories in Staffordshire, in central England, or in Sunderland, a large port on the north-east coast.
The jug in the Fecamp Museum is typical of Sunderland manufacture and of the factory known as the "Garrison Pottery", which was active between 1803 and 1865. The eye is first attracted by the object’s vivid pink ‘lustre’ made from gold and acid powder. The spots are created by sprinking oily drops on the still-fresh lustre.
On the belly of the jug, a sea scene depicts a vessel in-between a man standing on crates and a woman leaning on the anchor, allegories of commerce and sailing. It is a stereotypical decoration, "The sailor farewell", wishing bon voyage and good luck to the sailor.