The luxury and finesse of a travelling clock

The Association de l’Horlogerie Aliermontaise acquired a small travel alarm clock by Honoré Pons for the Musée de l’Horlogerie [Museum of Clock and Watchmaking]. This piece provides further testament to the creative and professional skill of Honoré Pons, who came from Paris in 1807 to revive the clock-making industry in Saint-Nicolas d’Aliermont. The clock is extremely well made, the shine of the steel is impeccable, and the decorative front plate has a delightful frosted finish.

15.3cm high, the case is in black, veneered mahogany (probably ebony) in the shape of a rounded milestone. The feet, handles, and mounting are in chased brass. The silver face gives the hours in Roman numerals: the Arabic numerals on a small inner ring give the hour for the alarm. The hands are of the Bréguet style. The striking mechanism is gong and bell, with the bell built into the base of the clock. The movement is in brass and consists of two round plates with three pillars and two barrels. The escapement, signed Honoré Pons, is a modified version of the helical escapement he patented in 1829.