What do the ancient texts say ?

Ovid (a Roman poet of the Ist century BC) recounts the episode of the war against the Giants at the beginning of the Metamorphoses (I, 152):
"The Giants attempted to take the celestial kingdom, piling mountains up to the distant stars. Then the all-powerful father of the gods hurled his bolt of lightning, fractured Olympus and threw Mount Pelion down from Ossa below."
A little further on (Metamorphoses I, 177), the poet describes Jupiter calling the gods to assemble:
"When Saturn’s son, the father of the gods, saw this from his highest citadel, he groaned, and (...) his mind filled with a great anger, and he called the gods to council, a summons that brooked no delay. (...) When the gods had taken their seats in the marble council chamber their king, sitting high above them, leaning on his ivory sceptre, shook his formidable mane three times and then a fourth, disturbing the earth, sea and stars. Then he opened his lips in indignation and spoke." (translation A.S. Kline)

The third-century Christian poet Commodianus denigrated Jupiter in his poems:
"This Jupiter was born to Saturn in the island of Breta,
and when he was grown up, he deprived his father of the kingdom.
He then deluded the wives and sisters of the nobles.
Moreover, Pyracmon, a smith, had made for him a sceptre.
In the beginning, God made the heaven, the earth and the sea ;
But that frightful creature, born in the midst of time,
went forth as a youth from a cave, and was nourished by stealth.
Behold, that God is the author of all things, not that Jupiter !"

(translation R.E. Wallis)