What do the ancient texts say ?

This is how Ovid tells the story of Mars and Venus:
"He was the first god [Sol] they say to see the adulteries of Venus and Mars: he sees all things first. He was sorry to witness the act, and he told her husband Vulcan, son of Juno, of this bedroom intrigue, and where the intrigue took place. Vulcan’s heart dropped, and he dropped in turn the craftsman’s work he held in his hand.
Immediately he began to file thin links of bronze, for a net, a snare that would deceive the eyes (...) and then artfully placed it over the bed. When the wife and the adulterer had come together on the one couch, they were entangled together, surprised in the midst of their embraces, by the husband’s craft, and the new method of imprisonment he had prepared for them.
The Lemnian, Vulcan, immediately flung open the ivory doors, and let in the gods (...) And the gods laughed. And for a long time it was the best-known story in all the heavens."
(Metamorphoses, IV, 169-189, translation A.S. Kline)