Galerie Cochet du musée départemental des Antiquités
Galerie Cochet du musée départemental des Antiquités


museum of the Departement



Religious art

Decorative arts






Nathalie Roy
Caroline Dorion-Peyronnet


198, rue Beauvoisine
76000 Rouen


02 35 98 55 10


02 32 76 31 70

logo musees de France Musée départemental des Antiquités -- The Departmental Museum of Antiquities

The Departmental Museum of Antiquities, which opened to the public in 1834, is centred around the cloister of the former monastery of the Visitation Sainte-Marie, built in the first half of the 17th century.
The museum houses collections of regional origin, dating from the Bronze Age to the Renaissance. Its substantial protohistoric, Gallo-Roman and Merovingian collections - reflections of an area which is particularly rich in archaeological remains - testify to the material life of these civilisations. A large number of high quality art objects from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance reflect the various art forms that developed in our country, and more particularly in our region (gold and silver plate, ivory work, enamel work, sculptures, stained-glass windows, tapestries). The Roman hunting mosaic from Lillebonne and the tapestry of the Winged Stages are exceptional pieces.
Major town planning projects carried out in Rouen in the 19th century led to the museum’s acquisition of some fine pieces of wooden architecture and splendid elements of interior decoration (15th and 16th centuries).
The museum also houses interesting collections of Greek and Egyptian antiquities.

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