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Vue intérieur du musée


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logo musees de France Musée de l’Ancien Havre - Hôtel Dubocage de Bléville -- The Museum of Old Le Havre

The Hotel Dubocage de Bléville, (previously known as “Le Musée de l’Ancien Havre”) re-opened on the 15th May 2010.

This mansion once belonged to the successful merchant Monsieur Michel Dubocage de Bléville (1676 - 1727), who was also a renowned sailor and explorer. He was responsible for negotiating and signing important trade agreements with China. While charting the sea off the coast of Mexico, he made what is considered his most important discovery, the Island of Clipperton. The island, which becomes a French territory, was named Île de la Passion.

After traveling for nine years, Dubocage de Bléville returned to Le Havre a wealthy man. He purchased this mansion at the heart of Saint-François district and extended and improved the property, which at the time consisted of the main house and of two separate workshops.

Rooms available to visit

-  The Exhibition Rooms: on the ground floor, visitors have free access to two rooms in which the temporary Historical Museums exhibition is presented.
-  The Museum Collections and Resources Center: upstairs, a new and innovative style of presentation is on offer: visitors are given a guided tour and are granted access to the database and Resources of the Museum. Reservations are required.

“With the Resources of the Museum now opened to visitors, all the secrets of this place become reachable”, says Elisabeth Leprêtre. “With the help of the guides, it is also possible to discover how a museum works and the problems that it encounters”.

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